Activieties Weeks

During our Activities Weeks, we have a lot of activity. For three day we had 5 activities, they are Science day, Angklung Festival, Library Day, Music And Dance Festival, and International Day.  The first day we have the Science Day. Science for the day we were divided into 8 groups. each group there are two people, we were the host for the interactive Science Project. Me and my partner Albert, we made a simple circuit game, its easy to play, we just need to Pick up the handle and start the game. You can start from either way and go to the next end. Make sure the hoop does not touch the wire. Every time hoop touches the wire you will see the light. there will be many students came to our booth, from Kindergardent to grade 6. its hard to teach the kindergardent.That is fo Science Day. for the night thre is ‘Angklung Festival’

For the Library day we had a Costume Parade. we also bring book for the lucky draw and Dear time (Drop Everithing and Read). for each day there are 2 events, morning and in the night. for the night me and my Classmates and Grade 8 sings “You”, I played guitar for the Orschestra and for the club.

there are only 2 events for the night time and three for the morning. the last day there are ‘International Day’ Me and my other 7 friends (Wukiresy, Regina, Edita, Dethasya, Albertus,ombun and Agam) we dance Melayu. I have two performance for this day, the Melayu Dance and Sing French songs “Je Veux”. this song only sung by the one who choose the french Subjects. I sing the frech song with some of my classmates and some from the other Grade 8 class.for the rest that didn’t choose the french subjects will sing for the Mandarin song for the grade 7 and the Grade 8 had a presentation on Mandarin calligraphy.

Here is some picture for the Activieties…..





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