Dish Garden & Me ( Science)

Dish Garden is one example of ornamental plants. The different is, we plant it in a bowl or plate. We ussually plants 3 or 4 types of plants

7th November 2012, in science class our teacher Mrs.May. based on our topics about large-scale crops and ornamental plants. we were ask to make our own Dish Garden. For making this dish garden we need plate/bowl, plants, soil, and moss. We search our own plants and moss for our dish garden. In making this project i got many struggles. Like, i forgot to spray the plants and look for some more plants if one of them died.

Besides that, there is some values that can be applied from making the dish garden stay alive. Responsibility and creative. Responsible in watering to make the plants stays alive and creativity to make the dish garden look good and beautiful.

My plants live for 2 months before it died when i bring my dish garden home. I forgot to water the plants and add some moss. I’m plannng to make the new one and make it better. I’ll update it after 2 weeks, and I’ll be more responsible in my second dish-garden.


One thought on “Dish Garden & Me ( Science)

  1. Hi Alya! I’d be happy to see how your second project would be. It’s nice to hear you say you’ll be more responsible. Were you able to take pictures of the first one? Why not post?

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